At Eat Rockland, we don’t cover the food scene for the entire state of Maine; it’s too damned big, and it puts us under too much pressure to write about the already well-known, well-documented tourist destinations that have already appeared on a billion other websites.

Instead, our coverage is focused on Midcoast Maine, and more specifically, the Rockland area. When we’re trying to decide whether or not to write about a place, we ask just one question: Would a reasonable person travel there for lunch or dinner, using Rockland as a starting place? This means that places like Tenants Harbor, Thomaston, or Camden are probably in our wheelhouse; Belfast or Damariscotta, not so much.

Coverage Map
Our Coverage Map (Roughly, that is.)

Believe me, this isn’t an easy boundary line to draw. It means I can’t tell you about some of my favorite places, like the Que Rico taco truck in Newcastle, or the semi-secret place you can go in Waldoboro to get some pretty killer barbecue, or that barn in Sargentville that makes the best fresh crabmeat quesadillas I’ve ever had. But keeping a tighter focus geographically means more freedom to explore more of the kinds of mom-and-pop establishments we love, and the kinds of small, independent restaurants that we think most define the landscape of food, here.

Who knows? If there’s someplace I just have to tell you about that falls outside of our stated boundaries, I probably will. And there’s no reason we might not expand, in the future. But for now? We’re Eating Rockland.




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